Tuesday, September 8, 2009

You Get back On the Horse

We played our first game of the season against Big Red this past Saturday. It was a nice day for Ultimate and while our day started out frustrating (we waited for the bus for an hour because two wouldn't stop and then took a different bus and walked and arrived an hour late but with Manzi in hand!!!!!) we made it and with our puppy. We weren't sure if she was allowed on the bus, but we knew we didn't care. Besides a rogue bark right before we got off the bus there were no problems. We might not be so lucky in the future, but it was hands down the best day of her life so I hope its one we can repeat.
The game was difficult, as I new it would be. Big Red is a well oiled group who have been playing together for a while and have their hustle and flow down to a science. It was an easy win on their part, 15-3, but for our first game together it wasn't...ok, it was a pretty bad game but I think it was a great place to start and we now have a list of things to work on. Enough boring Ulitmate talk for all of you non-Ulitmate fans or players (this group will soon not include Mia because she is going to start playing in Florence!!!!).

And now for your favorite part: some photos:

You know this guy!! Team captain Diego Balboni, dirty from so many damn layouts

Some of you guys may now this guys: He's Antonio's son Juan Paolo and one of our many mascots. His role of the day was to torture Manzi.

We may not have the best team yet, but we do have the cutest mascots. Unfortunately, Trufa, Diego's black lab, didn't make the game.

New face: Willie (my recruit) has a keen knowledge of Ultimate and a big beard. Everyone thinks he's older, but he's only 21 and studying in BA for a whole year. He also lives very close to us!

Another new face: Chrissi hails from Wisconsin, is a handler, and knows how to Tango

Willie feeds the team banana

A game of pick up after our game

Another new face! Cassie (name in Spanish means almost) is from Iowa State University and made a funny joke once about being a sex panther because her last name is Panther and Anchor Man is a great movie

That's all for now, I was going to start up a new practice today (Tuesday mornings) but the weather is poopy, like really gross. So that will have to wait for next week. In the mean time there is an Asado tonight!!! to welcome back Nick from the snow covered mountains of Chili. It will be good to have him back, and not only because he's a good handler!


Ann Behar said...

Better luck next time, Cadillacs! We're rootin' for ya!

Julia said...

thanks mom!!