Monday, September 21, 2009

The Before: The Patio Gets a Makeover

Here is our patio. It looks sad and has a giant dead tree in it. It needs a new paint job and a good sweeping. Its had a hard life, and the hard times have really worn down its outward appearance. But its such a good patio. It gets good sun, it provides a lovely place for Manzi to go to the bathroom, and offers a sanctuary for the parilla when its raining or too cold to grill upstairs. Good patios don't deserve to look like this, and that's why we have elected this patio for our PATIO MAKEOVER!!!! This patio has been selected to receive five hundred pesos for its rebeautificaiton!!! Its going to be a long journey, but with our specialist staff this patio will look good as new when revealed to friends and family. You lucky spectators get to watch the progress.

The patio in its youth

The patio after I bought a few herbs and some yellow flowered plant and the murder of its lovely tree due to over zealous roots invading the casa below.

Uli gets his hands dirty

Uli rescues a cool looking plant

Manzi helps by looking really cute

Today I potted more plants, but more work must be done. Stay tuned for more photos and update on the patio's status and recovery process.

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Ann Behar said...

I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished product! Can you get a hibiscus tree? Kenny gave us one this summer and it blooms like crazy!