Monday, September 21, 2009

Candid on the Calle: Dia de la Primevera Edition

Today is Spring Day!!!! Yes, the Argentines have gone so far as to give kids the day off because its the first day of Spring. So we headed to the park to check out the festivities. From the bus windows we say large groups of people eating lunch or sitting in circles outside. But when we arrived at the Parques de Palermo we could see that we had arrived at the mecca of Spring Day. The place was filled with people and mostly young high school kids. A mediocre rock group was playing on a stage, and volleyball took the day over soccer. Maté also has begun to give way to Terrere (yerba with cold juice) and everyone had coolers with ice for their sandwiches and Fernet and coke that they drink out of a coke bottle with the top cut off. Spring fashion made its big debut and I couldn't help but be really creepy with my candid shots. I take my critics seriously, and the call for more photos has been headed. Here is a selection from today along with commentary and more stories:

My favorite shot of the day.

Drinking out of pitchers

Way to young to be smoking

As a website predicted, music was in abundance and there were many groups with guitars:

Boca fan:

Clips are just as in here as they were in the nineties in the US. Everyone is sporting painstaking looking hair styles, and of course, giant flowers.

An attempt at capturing the ridiculous pants everyone is wearing. They don't' even look good on the tall skinny girls, and everything looks good on them.

A second, more successful attempt:

A more classic Porteña look:


Amazing flogger haircuts:

Of course, the normal amount of passionate public displays were in excess. Everyone was selling flowers and running around with candy. It felt like Valentines Day.

Doling out the Fernet:

Amazing mullety hair

Bottle FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!
As Stephanie pointed out, there is no snow here. So of course it would make sense that since there can be no snowball fights there must be bottle fights!!!! This involves literally chucking glass bottles at each other from about ten feet away from each other. The sound of breaking glass brought more, and a beehive like chase began. When groups of kids started running towards us instead of away we began to fear for our lives and picked up our gin rummy game and moved out of the line of fire. I didn't' capture it well, but I did the best I could:

In my final attempt to capture the Spring Fashion I told these kids that is in fact a fashion blog. Not far from the truth today. I loved their "Look" which is Spanish for look. Haha. Anyway, they look AWESOME!!!!!