Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Days Of Awe

And so we end the days of Awe, or the high holidays as they are affectionately known in the States. Which means that if you are using the Jewish calendar (a lunar one) then Josh and I have technically been in Argentina for a year!! Well, a Jewish year anyway. The secular anniversary is coming up too though!!
Last year we actually arrived on Yom Kippur, so we decided to pretend it wasn't happening. This year however, we celebrated both Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur and did both with Jewish friends.
Josh and I experimented with Temple Libertad for Erev Rosh Hashana and for the second night we ate dinner at Alex's parents house after a crazy service in a random community center in Belgrano that sounded like a Phantom of the Opera wanna be. The synthesizer was that intense. The dinner at Alex's place was awesome though. It was so cool to be with a family for a holiday, and Alex's parents remind me a lot of mine: book loving Mom from Long Island, foreign dad with just less than perfect English but in a cute way...and that's maybe where the similarity ends but it was still awesome.
For Yom Kippur I met up with Alex and family for Kol Nidre at Libertad and then went back the next morning with Maddie and Rachel (my new Jewish friends!! that I also happen to really like). In the afternoon I went back with Josh to hear the Shofar (gotta do it!!) and then we headed to Rachel and Maddy's for a break fast of chicken, kugel, veggies, and cookies. Afterwards we looked at a blog called "This is why you're fat" and I felt sick. Rachel felt like she wanted to eat a meat martini... To say the least I'm happy to have found someone who loves to eat maybe more than I do, and I was full. So I was full and happy! and we took the bus home to our house in time for Josh to catch some Monday night football. Oh thank goodness.

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Ann Behar said...

I really don't think a martini glass made out of bacon belongs in a post called "The Days of Awe!" It just seems wrong!