Monday, September 28, 2009

Stef Completes 22

Stef turned 22 on Saturday!!! And what better way to celebrate than with an asado/party. Its been a while since we had a party, and I'll admit I was a little worried about the noise. Luckily it all turned out OK because the costume party next door raged until 5 in the morning or later and while we tried to compete our speakers had nothing on theirs.

So here commences the party, please press play before you continue. Just trust me on this one.

The night started out somewhat typically. Uli insisted on doing Stef's hair so she would look special for the special day, only they couldn't really agree on what special should look like.

Here is the progress:

(Dan's friend is in town) Cute poses while they watch Fanie's hair progress and made salsa verde

Fanie get's angry cause she don't do curls!!

Lost in Translation: Uli thinks it Fanie's Quinceanera

Not Lost in Translation: Fanie is not happy with the hair

The final product:

Josh gets out the Colombian liquids:

Introducing PJ: Originally a friend of Nick's, EBC veteran, always smiling and potential replacement for Dan if he doesn't come back

Felipe and Fanie

Camilla and Emilio!!!!!!

Instead of the usual happy birthday boringness, Fanie came up with a better idea:
Sing Thelma Houston (our fave) and dance while handing out her homemade cupcakes.
I hope you are right about at the chorus at this point, all the next photos were taken while we were listening to it. Featuring the excellent dance skills of Fanie herself, Josh, Drew and Phil:

Introducing Phil, a study abroad Frisbee playing kid from New Mexico

My heart is full of love!!!

and desire for you!!!

Felipe's heart is full of love for this yellow cupcake:

Against my advice Gabi (introducing Gabi: Felipe's flatmate and a Cadillac) smashes a cupcake into Stef's face

Somebody had to clean it off!!! Can't waste icing, now can we?

I made Willy an inside out Choripan. Pan on the inside, Chori on the outside:

Fanie eats all the grilled pinapple even though she doesn't think its grilled enough:

Uli and Stef share some pineapple love:

At this point I'm tired and want everyone to leave. Felipe, being South American and all, is tired too but wouldn't admit it for anything.

Brian makes Camilla laugh, he's happy he found someone new to tell the same jokes to:

You know its time for a party to end when a massage train starts:

And there it was, well most of it anyway. Some stuff was a little to explicit for the blog, but it was quite a party. One that will go down in the history of Casa Cochobamba. The next day it rained and we slept the whole day taking a break to clean up. But you know what this means? Summer is back, and the roof usable again which means the parties return. Here we go again...


Patrick said...

im a little disappointed that steph didn't keep her hair the way it was in pic 4.

it was like a fancy mullet party on her head, translation, FAB-U-LUS

Josh said...

her name is stefanie

erin said...

julia your hair is getting so long i barely recognized you! josh too for that matter. I miss you guys.