Monday, September 28, 2009

Adventures in Once with Uli and Beyond

Last Wednesday (I know...I'm behind) Uli and I headed to Once to check out the goods. The neighborhood home to many cheap stores and it gives a new meaning to quantity, not quality. You can buy in bulk, or pay more for fewer products, but everything there is cheap and poor quality (except for the churros, they are cheap and delish). This neighborhood happens to be the perfect place to buy things for our house!!!! Cheap and poor quality means that when someone breaks it, forgets to wash it and lets it rust over, or looses it it won't matter so much. Uli was also looking for boots, but apparently they are not in right now because we couldn't find any.
After Once we headed to Abasto and then to Palermo to meet up with Dan. Along the way we came upon cool wall art and fruit!!!

Argentines love to match...even matching the wall art is important

Devilishly handsome in pink

My turn to model...I just don't posses the talent Uli does, or the hair...

Uli is really knoweldgable about a lot of stuff when it comes to Argentina. For example, this tree we are crowded around has a delicious fruit that I've never heard of before and sure as heck never eaten. Its awesome, and free!!!

We are probably the only people to go fruit picking in Palermo Hollywood. EVER. It would be like eating fruit off the trees in SoHo. Its just not done...

The fruit has two giant pits that are fun to spit at friends

And no, that's not a bag with Dan's purchases. Its his purse.

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