Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I returned to the German Hospital this afternoon to have my "turno" with the "médico", and thankfully I emerged with a grin as wide as Avenida 9 de julio. The doctor told me my meniscus is fully intact and that what plagues me is actually my lateral collateral ligament, or LCL. And this actually makes perfect sense because it's the outside of my right knee that's been bothering me the most. I came in expecting the worst, and came out with an order to play sports for two weeks, which seems a bit slim so I'll probably give it a little extra time and also wear some sort of knee brace as further support. Either way, I will rest much easier tonight knowing that a return trip to the States for knee surgery is not in my near future...for now.


Austin said...


That sucks. Knee pain is very discouraging...Stay strong.

Ann Behar said...

Um, that great! I think?