Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Taking Tango to the Next Level

I have a feeling Josh will write a blog about this as well, but we all know our posts are very different so I feel OK giving you two accounts of one of the best nights we've had so far.
At the prompting of our guide we went to a Tango show at Piazzolla. While the Teatro Colon is under construction, this is supposedly the closest we will come to seeing it and the second most fantastic theater space in Buenos Aires. Having seen it I am that much more excited for the Teatro Colon to be finished seeing as this is one of the most beautiful places I've even seen a show in. We had a picture of us taken in the theater which shows off some of the beauty of the place:
and the holder it came in has a great photo of the theater on the front:
As you can see we had our own private room over looking the floor and with a great view of the stage.
The night began with dinner. Expecting mediocre fare on account of the number of dinners being served you can imagine my surprise when we were served some of the best food I've had here. Well, all the food I've had here has been great and we've only been to one bad restaurant the whole time, but this food was spectacular. I had a Caesar salad to start and chicken for my main course. It was perfectly cooked, tender and juicy. The steaks that Josh, Hannah, and Jake had were beautiful and very juicy. All of this was accompanied by unlimited beverages and more than enough wine (all included). Dessert was lovely. I had the tiramisu but before I knew it our empty plates were being whisked away by our wonderful waitress and the show was starting.
The first show we saw for Josh's birthday was only one couple dancing to a CD and a display of Tango through the ages. This was...magnificently different. There were four couples dancing so quickly it was increasingly difficult to follow what was going on. Half way into the first dance I wondered where the music was coming from. Was there a pit? Was this a recording? It was then that I noticed a full band behind the dancers including a piano, a cello, a violin, an accordion and a guitar!! Honestly the dancers were so distracting I had been oblivious to what was going on behind them.
The dancers were beautiful, and their partners handsome. The women (in their high heels) were often almost as tall as the men, but they were whipped around and flung over shoulders as if they were light as feathers. There was also a female and a male singer who took turns dazzling us with their beautiful voices while the dancers changed costumes. The singer was dressed in gowns that grew more beautiful and fantastic as the night wore on.
The tango was all more modern, but one piece was more modern than the rest. The dancer with short hair wore a one piece pants outfit and flats, but during the dance, in my opinion, the man was still the dominant figure. Always flinging her around, and having his way with her. It was perhaps the most beautiful one though.
The dance is perhaps the most sexual dance I have witnessed, and the female dancers are often coy and teasing of their male partners. But no matter how many times the female dancer teases or refuses her male partner, the dance always ends in a dramatic breathtaking pose leaving the woman completely venerable and dependent on her partner for support. This was proven at the end of one dance where the ending twirl was less stable than desired and the female dancer was almost dropped on the ground!! Of course they played it off with grace and dignity.
Here is another picture from the photo holder of the dancers:

I was just dazzled by the whole night. The swirling dresses, each more sparkly and scandalous than the last, the t-strap shoes, the slicked back hair, the encouragement of the accordion, and the soulful notes of the singers had me holding my breath and wanting more. The drama of the dance, the music, and even the faces of the dancer draws you in and makes you feel like you are the privileged witness to someone else's beautiful love story.
Hannah may have been a little bored during the musical numbers:
but she too loved the dancing. The whole thing was just so fabulous I wish I could go every week!! I am totally in love with tango. Luckily everyone else was just as thrilled as I:
and we ended the night very happy. Josh and I headed home with Hannah for a sleepover, where she learned how to play backgammon, and a night of much deserved sleep (seeing as we had watched other people work out all night).

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Austin said...

Awesome experience. The photos are great. The first one looks as if it has already aged a couple years, and the one with Jacobo...priceless.