Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Brunch, Bond, and Boats...oh my!

Sorry about the lack of posting! I've been so busy doing things, or so tired from them that I keep putting it off!! This week at least I also have the excuse of a little bout of poison ivy.
Saturday was another beautiful day for Frisbee, and my team won for the first time!! More importantly, the jerseys that the Cadillacs had ordered had arrived. Sadly they had been ordered just prior to Josh's and my arrival on the team, so we donned our black shirts we had brought instead and looked longingly at the black dry fit jersey's decorated with a Cadillac symbol in the background and two people jumping up for the Frisbee in the foreground. I'll get a picture of that for you all to see soon enough. To our pleasant surprise, Phillipe got everyone in a circle and presented us with two extra jerseys. It was our official welcome to the team! I was so happy! Outfitted in our Cadillacs finest we walked to the field and played a great game. I even caught the Frisbee and passed it to someone, who passed to someone else, and well, eventually there was a score made from my pass. Amazing!!!
Sunday we had the much planned for and anticipated EBC brunch at our apartment. We must have gone through 6 kilos of oranges, but everyone was happily full of fresh squeezed mimosas in the end. I made 30 eggs, and with a dozen more Erin made French toast. I also had the honor of serving a porteño her first American brunch. She could not get over that I had put avocado in the eggs. I can't say she was offended, but could not stop marveling over it. She also taught me the proper way to make maté. Still tastes the same anyway you do it...but why not try and do it right? After brunch the boys went to a US bar called El Alamo to watch North American football and consume unthinkable amounts of beer. As for us ladies, we strolled through the San Telmo market listening to various performances. After spotting one of our students from EBC and convincing Erin to tango with him, we made our way down to Puerto Madero for a walk along the water and a couple of bottles of wine on a lovely outdoor patio that received a cool breeze and overlooked the river. We also tried Ostrich bacon which was actually really delish. Upon arriving home I discovered Josh passed out in our bed and I soon joined him.
The most exciting parts of Monday were our first trip to the MALBA (Museo de Arte Latioamericano de Buenos Aires) and our first viewing of the new Bond movie Quantum of Solace. Both were really great, but only one worth going to see again. I hear the Bond movie comes out in the US on Friday, so I won't spoil it for you, but the MALBA was filled with amazing modern Latin American art. I loved it, and will remember to bring my ISIC card with me next time so I can get in for free.
Tuesday was for Tigre!!! Tigre is this wonderful place only 20 miles from the city. By train (round trip for a whopping 2.20 pesos) it takes about 50 min. Upon arrival we wondered around for a bit until a more focused venture took us to a boat where we paid 18 pesos for a round ticket to one of the many islands that make up Tigre. The whole place is only navigable by boat, and the boats are the only noises that break the peaceful silence one always forgets they had been missing when living in the big city. We got off at the little place with a restaurant and essentially spent the rest of the day eating, drinking a wonderful new drink brought to us by our British friend Camilla. To make a Shandy you pour some 7up or Sprite on top of your beer to make it oh so wonderful and refreshing, and laying in the grass (with me trying not to get more poison ivy). It was so relaxing!! On the weekends Tigre boasts a great market so next time I go back I will go then and with a picnic and a Frisbee in hand, but it was wonderful to get out of the city with almost all of the friends I have here.
Today is "girls’ day out" so I must go and get ready for that. Camilla, Jen, Erin and I are meeting up soon and dinning on vegetarian food (for Camilla's sake but it is also nice for me after the ridiculous amount of meat we eat here) and then a day of shopping and whatever other girly things we can think of. I'll let you know how it goes!!!

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mel said...

In regard to the ridiculous amounts of meat you are consuming: it reminded me of how little meat we consumed in Italy, but I suppose our unbalanced pasta to meat intake ratio was to blame...although, from what you tell me, you're eating just as much pasta as we did! Oh so jealous!