Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen, the President of the United States of America...

I feel like we missed the opportunity to come out with our endorsement for President and have it actually matter. By this point, most everyone has decided for who they will vote. But that may not have been the case 4 weeks ago (that's right, today marks our 4 week anniversary with Buenos Aires. We've yet to exchange gifts with it, but Julia has her fingers crossed in hope that it gives her a new bag). At the time, we could have run a huge spread pledging our expat support for which ever candidate we viewed as being the better option to lead our native country out of these perilous times, even though it probably would have been obscured by the giant shadow cast by much more dramatic endorsements coming from Colin Powell, Christopher Buckley, and Homer Simpson. Or maybe we didn't want to turn off any fence-sitting readers with political discourse overtly stating our preferences and thus alienating potential followers. Either way, better late than never, so as you ALL make your way to the polls today, remember that juliasabroadblog.blogspot.com resoundingly supports Barack Hussein Obama as the next president of the United States of America. I know that I cannot make the case for Obama's ability to inspire and enact positive domestic and international change with more eloquence or persuasion than other have before me. I won't harp on McCain's lack of a balanced temperament, willingness to stray from the traditional Republican platform that has helped bring the country to its knees, or judgement (gotcha journalism!). I don't want to talk about "Joe the Plumber", or his cousin "Joe Six-Pack", and if I hear someone refer to "Main Street" one more time I may impale myself with the sharpest object within my reach.
I'm being bombarded by conflicting emotions at this point. Nervousness, confidence, anxiety, near victory. I really hope that the voters, not political operatives, malfunctioning voting machines, or the courts end up deciding this election. But more than anything, I really hope Barack Obama wins. I truly think he's the best candidate and a McCain/Palin White House scares the crap out of me. And if the latter comes to be, it might just be toodaloo USA, Buenos Aires is pretty nice. So get out there, cast your lot in this historic election, and prey for an Obama victory if you want to guarantee you'll see me again in the States.

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