Sunday, November 2, 2008


When I studied abroad we celebrated Halloween by dressing up in whatever we had in our closets (I was business causal Barbie) and went to our favorite bar Celebrate. This year I really wasn't too excited for the holiday seeing as I had really nothing to wear and didn't really care. However, we were invited to a costume party and I was jokingly told I would have to pay ten pesos if I didn't dress up. During a nap I had the brilliant idea to just buy a sheet and to be a Greek Goddess. A gold necklace for a belt, and little dramatic makeup and my costume was complete!

Josh and I went to my friend Jen's place and I helped her to put on this amazing body art:
and her pirate costume was complete!! A few glasses of wine later and we taxied it over to my school where the party was.
The party was at first full of Americans. Of course no respectful porteño would arrive at a party before one am, but arrive they did in crazy costumes.

Here is my friend Aflie's brother and his girl friend.

Here is Alfie dressed as Michael Jackson, which is creepy because he really looked like him, and even had a few of the dance moves down.

Ché and myself, who else?

Josh and Nick rocking the ultimate face hair as Average Joe six pack the Plumber and a Viking.

Some of the guys from my class, Alfie and Josh.
So a good time was had by all, even after Ted got so drunk he said "What are you from England or something?" to Des. Now this makes a lot more sense when you understand that Des (the skeleton) is as Irish as they come and that this is possibly the worst insult you could throw at someone who is Irish. At that point it was five in the morning and time to go home. But all in all it was a successful Halloween and it was wonderful to spend the night on a roof top in the cool Buenos Aires air, which is redundant since aires means air, but you get my drift.


Shelley Rolf said...

halloween is universally festive. the party looks like a lot of fun. i like that joe the plumber was wearing BLUE. keep those blog entries coming. xoxo

Ann Behar said...
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Ann Behar said...

So is napping when you do your best thinking?

Julia said...

well I've become addicted to naps (except I didn't get one today and drank lots of green tea instead) and when two hours of your day (the maximum nap time) is taken up by a nap then you might need to do some thinking during the nap so as to maximize your time.