Monday, November 17, 2008

The Exciting Happenings of the Unemployed

Last Thursday Josh and I wandered away from our apartment in search of adventure, new barrios, and Kosher Micky D's. We found all that and more. The walk to the Jewish neighborhood that goes by the name Abasto took us on a tour of the Argentine version of Broadway. Avenida Corrientes is home to most of the shows in Buenos Aires including Hair Spray, and many other shows that boast scantily clad ladies, tango, and other craziness. Once we reached the mall in Abasto we were pretty tired, but the cool air conditioned halls of the mall were soothing and our search for Kosher delights continued. After passing the regular McDonalds and wandering from one floor to the next, we found the Kosher McDonalds next to the Burger King.We ordered the McNifica, but of course they put mayonnaise on it because they put it on everything here, so I munched on some Kosher fries while Josh waited for a fresh McNifica sin mayonnaise.
As I waited I pondered how amazing the uniforms are in this city. The McDonalds employees all wear this amazing outfit, and if I didn't think it would be rude I would totally ask them to pose with me. They have these amazing McDonalds jeans with M's on the butt pockets. To match, a jean puff sleeve blouse that is kept tucked in with this fantastic little McDonalds belt complete with the golden arches symbol on the buckle. To top the whole outfit off they have jean hats. Its not just these lucky employees that are so well outfitted. I noticed at the bank that the tellers got to wear these adorable red cable knit sleeveless sweaters that opened in the front. Totally cute and amazing. But I digress.
Here we can see Josh and our amazing Kosher meal including our Fancy Ketchup packets. It was everything I thought it would be...crappy and McDonalds but just without the cheese. The fries were pretty good though, and thus revived we took the bus home again.

Saturday was an exciting day for Frisbee seeing as the Cadillacs won again!!!! Not to mention the fact that I scored a point!!!!!! After Frisbee we headed home for some showers and dinner, and then over to our friend Fillipe's place. That night was Noche de los Museos when 100 museums are open till 3 am. After some beer and emanadas we went to the MALBA musuem where we had just been on Monday, and it was really the same exact thing even though it was 2 am. Apparently at some museums there was techno music or something, but not at ours.
Here we are as we wait to enter the museum. The lights behind us indicate how much noise is being made, so everyone was whistling. This will explain the look on Josh's face.
Here we are on the bottom floor of the museum where there is an exhibit called Mercado with real cabbage, oranges, and dirty dishes from a meal next to a video of people preparing the meal. Very modern...very deep. As you can see it got very cold after it rained on Friday so everyone dug out their hoodies making for excellent gangsta poses.
Yesterday we went to our first Asado for our team captain Diego's birthday, but I promised Josh he could blog about it.
Today I had an interview with the Performers. It took me over an hour to get there and an hour to get back and the interview lasted five minutes, and now I have to prepare a monologue and a song. Song I can do, but I've never prepared a monologue, so after this delicious nap I'm about to take the search for a good monologue begins. If anyone has got a good one lying around send it my way!!! Tonight we head back to La Bomba for some excellence in drumming but I'll be around the house by 11 pm my time if anyone wants to Skype!!!

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