Thursday, November 13, 2008

Girls Day Success!!

"I'm not in Jersey anymore," was my first thought as I took my first steps into the wonder that is Alto Palermo or the nicest mall in Buenos Aires. The structure itself is unlike any mall I've ever been to. Instead of a long rectangular shape with two large anchors on either side (like a Macy's, Bloomies, etc.), it was a swirling construction filled with stores, cafe's and kiosks that seemed to go on forever. We walked around for hours and I think I saw half of it. Many of the stores are brands that we have back at home, but the lines are completely different. I went into the Levi's store and wanted EVERYTHING!!! But I of course got nothing because it was somewhat expensive, but so much cooler than Levi's in North America. I ended up getting a cute long vest thingy from a store called Kill and then a really pretty white hippyesque dress from Zara. A slight problem is that I'm built differently than the average porteƱo female, so often times I would get really excited about something, and then it would be too short, to wide, etc. It was a great time though, and I have really begun to embrace the afternoon cafe tradition and surprisingly I can sleep at night after a large coffee at 5 pm! For all of you who know about my problems with caffeine don't be too shocked, it’s not like I'm going to bed before 2 am anyway (partially because after dinner at Nick's we waited for the bus for an eternity) but I'm making big strides, big strides.
After leaving the mall I helped Erin move from one hostel to another that was a bit cleaner and more her style, and then took a lovely walk over to Nick's house for meat loaf, or pan de carne as they call it here (bread of meat) and cards. Today our bathroom was finally fixed!!! And now we have the rest of the day until Frisbee to do what we want.
Also, on the job front:
I have been talking to a man named Martin who works for a theatre company that performs educational plays in English. There are three plays a year and they take the plays on tour around Argentina and the continent. It’s a full time job and a one year commitment, but I think it sounds like an amazing opportunity. It also pays a steady salary...I should be meeting with him next week so I'll keep you all posted!! Literally...hahaha

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Ann Behar said...

That job sounds incredible, Jules. Why does Argentina need educational plays in English? It sounds so unlikely.