Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lovely little Tuesday

Just arrived home from a lovely little excursion to Palermo Hollywood. I went to meet the girls for coffee and Spanish conversation, and while waiting for Erin to arrive I met the supposed Hulk Hogan of Argentina. He was grabbing a bite to eat on a break from filming something and he was excited to hear that I am an English teacher. In my foundling Spanish we exchanged numbers and supposedly I will be giving him private lessons starting next week. He's really buff so we'll be meeting in a cafe just in case because honestly I don't think Josh could take him. Then during lunch I received a phone call from an institute and I have an interview tomorrow at 10:30 for a class in the afternoons. I'm so excited!! My unemployed status may soon be changed!! After we walked around and drooled over all the amazing little boutiques as I shoved my wallet further and further out of reach into my bag. None of that until there is money flowing in and not just out!
Anyway, time for Josh and I to run a few errands. We have to pick up the laundry, pay a visit to the Pasta Guy, and get some new toilet paper. You know, the boring stuff. Then Frisbee!! Love to all at home!!


Ann Behar said...

Josh and me!!!! How can you teach English when you can't speak it????

Josh said...
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