Monday, November 24, 2008

Saturday With The Rolfs

Saturday morning Josh and I met the Rolfs at their hotel and walked from there to the Saturday Recoleta market. The market begins at the cemetery and winds its way around past the Museo des Bellas Artes ending in this photo:
We spent the morning wandering from stall to stall. For us women it was all about the Jewelry, trinkets, and shiny things. For the guys it was all about the various foods, and for Hannah it was about both.
Hannah and Josh got some delicious frutillas con crema or strawberries and whipped cream and Jacob got this awesome salami and cheese sandwich. We saw all there was to see and made some great little purchases and walked by but not in the Bellas Artes:
Next we took a long hot walk to get to the Alta Palermo mall where we had lunch and walked around for a few hours enjoying the air conditioning. While Hannah didn't really love anything she tried on, I found quite a few little things I would have loved to get, but I wisely resisted. No more shopping until I get a job!!
After experiencing the best mall in Buenos Aires we got on the worse bus ride I've ever taken. It was the Rolf's first bus ride and it almost ending in a near collision with a car as the bus driver sped through red lights. The breaks kept us from hitting the car but flung us forward in a frightening manner. However we arrived at the Frisbee field unscathed. We played a tough game but came through in the end with another Cadillacs victory!!!!!
Here is the team before the game, and here is the victorious couple after:
Afterwards we took a much nicer bus trip back to San Telmo, showered up, and had a delicious dinner with a wonderful atmosphere at a restaurant Josh had been wanting to try for a while. The seating was in an outdoor courtyard and the food was perfect. It was a lovely way to end the day.

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