Friday, June 12, 2009

Viernes - why did I wear heals?

Slept in till around 10 this morning and putzed around the house till I left for my 1 o'clock make up class. I left in heals so I could wear my high wasted jeans so I could impress a new student that Mia found for me while she was shopping at DFV. My class went well (we are watching "Thank you for Smoking") and I headed over to Marina's office. Unfortunately she was at the doctor with her sick son, so I met with her husband, but we are going to have class once a week for an hour and a half for 30 pesos an hour. YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! My first private client!!!! After our meeting I jetted over to Erin's and had tea with her and Camilla. I'm not sure if you all remember Camilla. She was the vivacious, blond dreaded haired, tall English girl that took the TEFL course with me who headed back to England and then India many months ago. After a bout with nerve damage from to much meditating (not a joke) she is back in BA for about a year. It was so wonderful to be with her again!!! Her enthusiasm and positivity is catching, and we already are making plans to take Salsa classes and to sell baked goods on Sunday in the Market (I'm glad somebody is finally enthused by my money making scheme!) I'm going to make banana bread, they are going to make cookies, and we are going to go out for dinner with the profits.
By the time my feet made it home they were not happy campers and I renewed my vow to never wear heals here again.
Tonight we are having an asado that was originally going to be a small affair for Will's birthday, but then Josh invited two people, so I went ahead and invited Erin and Camilla, and Nick is back so of course he's coming. So my small dinner has turned into a big get together. Can it be any other way? Later tonight we might head over to the world famous Pacha for a night with Bomba del Tiempo. My friends can't get enough of this drumming group, not sure if you noticed. Tomorrow is pick up at Ciudad Universiteria and at night the despedida of an Italian girl who used to live here. Man the weekend fills up quickly.

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