Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pacha/La Gripe

Many apologies for my long silence, but I have been in bed with the flu. I didn't want to worry any of you (Meme cough cough) so now that I'm feeling a little better I break my silence.
On Friday night I went to Pacha, one of the most famous night clubs in Buenos Aires. Bomba del Tiempo was playing there and Analia (Uli's friend) got us free tickets. Unfortunately that did not include cab fair. One long cab ride later, Analia, Erin and I arrived and of course headed straight for the baƱo. Erin and I immediately lost everyone but also instantly found our long lost Irish friend Des who we hadn't seen since Ted's birthday. We danced and danced and wondered where Bomba would be playing when all of a sudden: there they were! Right to out left! We weaved in and out of a few people, and there we were: front and center. They were amazing. The best I've ever seen, and we danced like there was no tomorrow. Well, I danced as best I could with my increasingly full bladder and eventually had to skip out to pee. Of course they finished as soon as I returned, but such is life. We continued to dance with random people and had a great time! We both hadn't been out dancing in ages and we made up for lost time. We finally met up with Dan and Analia again and soon found ourselves dancing around some members of Bomba! That was kinda cool. (Ok, feeling too much like a groupy now, I swear I'm not THAT into this group). Anyway, more dancing, more dancing, blah blah blah, more dancing. There was a lot of dancing. Around 5 am Erin decided to go home seeing as the music was too loud. I kissed her goodbye but soon realized the music had gotten louder and I couldn't take much more of it. Dan said he would go home with me in five minutes, but every time I said, "OK, ready to go?" He would say just three more minutes. I could see where this was going. Well, if Dan couldn't pull himself away to go home with me that wasn't going to stop me. I had to get out of there not to mention the fact that I had a 12 pm Skype date with my mom the next day. Oh, wait, that was almost in six hours. I really had to get out of there. So I left the club with not enough cab money and waited for the bus. It was pretty awful but I made it home alright. The loudest ringing I've ever heard in my own ears kept me up till seven and I finally fell asleep until 11. I woke up, ears still ringing and talked to my mom. Eventually we went to Frisbee, and against my better judgement I played a bit of pick up. I thought my coughing was from the second hand smoke from the club, but as the sun went down I started to get the chills. We began the longest ride home ever as I shivered next to Josh wishing for nothing more than my own bed in Colfax road and some of my mom's homemade chicken broth. Well, Josh did more than enough to make up for it. He made me some chicken soup and helped me to bed.
That night our roommates had a party. Well, I should say Stephania (who lived here before us) had her despedida here. While Dan thinks I'm being ridiculous, I thought the party was horrific. When I woke up shivering and had to pee I had to wait for the bathroom in a house full of strangers. Someone told me there was another bathroom. "I know you mthera*%&%$!! THis is my *&^(*&^ing house!!!!!" I wanted to shout. Instead I told him that I knew and that I lived here and was sleeping. He told me I looked cold and I told him it was because I had a fever. Not that it stopped him or any of the other 40 strangers in our house from making excessive noise until 4 o'clock in the morning (Santi had said everyone was going out by two). And maybe I am being a little ridiculous here because yes, the majority of the people who lived here attended the party and enjoyed the party. But when Josh got up at 3 (having been awake for an hour due to the noise) to ask them to turn the music down Santi was practically passed out on the couch and Dan said he had been checking noise levels to see if there were to loud but I guess thought they were acceptable. Maybe I'm turning into an old woman or maybe I'm simply turning into an adult who is tired of college style parties especially in my own home. Adding to all this of course is the fact that we've had stuff stolen (nothing this time) and that I was sick did not help my attitude toward the party, but the next day when Santi saw how sick I was and reacted as any friend would I thought, did you not notice last night that I needed a somewhat quiet night? That while you speakers were going full blast my head was killing me?
Anyway, I'm not thinking about moving, but it is tiring to live in a house of six where you are outnumbered about a lot: gender, smoking, ganas for wild parties, knowledge of the subjunctive...
Anyway, I left the house for the first time this morning since Saturday afternoon. I went across the street to the market (literally less than half a block away) and bought stuff so I could make Josh pancakes as a thank you for taking care of me. Well, that adventure was exhausting and I am now in bed resting until my meeting at four thirty about my new job that I am supposed to start tomorrow. I hope I can start tomorrow. My only symptoms left are fatigue and a killer ear infection and I would love to get started on my extra $1100 a month!!!! We'll see how I'm feeling though. Don't want to push it.

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