Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Camelot Camp - Day 1

Day one of Camelot Camp is over, and I am knackered, as my British friend says. Not many themed activites today, but I lead icebreakers and a camp fire activity and they both went well. Its fricken cold up here in Santa Fe and I am layered and look like a purple marshmellow, but it was a good day full of greasy food and running around. I learned an Irish drinking song and I actually taught kids how to play frisbee too!!!! We had a game going. The score was something like 7-0, but....the skills will come. I´ve taken picutres, and I´ll load them when I get back. Alright, night to all, I´m heading to my bed.


Ann Behar said...

Jules, I'm so glad you are blogging from there! Didn't think we'd get anything until you returned. Do the kids know about Camelot?

Julia said...

more than i did!!!