Monday, June 22, 2009

Faltan Cosas

Falta is one of my favorite words that I have learned. You can use it in lots of contexts when things are lacking. For example. La pasta esta lista? (Is the pasta ready?) No, falta un poco (no its missing a little or it needs a little more time). When you ride the bus and are no where near your destination and you ask the bus driver if you are almost there he says, "No, falta mucho, voy a avisarte! (no, we are nowhere near there and I will let you know when we are there silly gringra!!)
Well, this weekend I missed my High School's fifth year reunion. While I wasn't upset about missing an open bar in New Brunswick and a bevy of awkward situations (OK maybe I missed it a little) it did get me thinking about all the things that are missing in my life. At this point I am missing my family a lot (this kind of missing is extrañar, nor faltar). While we skype a lot and their presence and certainly their advice and critisisms aren't missing from my life, I especially miss them on Friday nights. There are people missing from my life who I see on skype, but friendships aren't the same over the Internet. I miss my friends even though I've found some amazing ones down here. There is also a list of food missing from my stomach that I won't even get into, but I'll just say pickles. Oh pickles...I miss you.
However, at the same time my journey falta mucho. I have just begun to get to know this city, and I'm starting Spanish lessons tomorrow. There is so much to see in the continent, and so many more people to meet. So many more foods to try, and so many more words to learns. There is much music to be listened to, and I know there must be more beers to try. As Josh begins to confront life with his stack of LSAT books I am forced to think of a time when this journey will end no matter how much it faltas, and it scares me. However, the time has come to stop shouting back "Falta mucho!!!" when ever my parents ask me when I'm coming home. Like the asado we love here, you put it on the grill, it takes forever, and you think it needs more time and all of a sudden its done, juicy and delicious whether you are ready for it or not. You eat it, and it is no more. I love comparing life to parts of a cow even if its a stretch...but in all honesty it is time to stop this "bohemian attitude" as my dad loves to call it, and make sure I am making the most of everyday and that my life here is as full as possible while I can and to also think about my future. And yes, I'll be there at the ten year reunion, and I'm hoping its at least five times as awkward as the one I missed.


Reed said...

Great post, Julia! Sí por suerte falta mucho tiempo acá en Buenos Aires!

And the five year high school reunion is a bit silly. You're not missing much. You can wait for the ten.

erin said...

I agree. I love this post, Julia. Great reminder that no matter how much time faltas, we need to be taking advantage of every moment.

Ann Behar said...

My little girl is growing up!

But all serious reflections aside, why can't you make pickles? Don't they have cucumbers, salt and vinegar in Argentina?

Julia said...

its just not the same, I want someone to make them for me, but I might get around to it one of these days

Austin said...

Good post!