Sunday, June 28, 2009

My "Busy" Week

A new record was reached this week. I worked 19 hours and I got paid for more that were canceled. Of course I was traveling around the city for many unpaid hours as well, but I started my new job (I am working for a man named HernĂ¡n) on Thursday. After teaching Javier at Kimberly Clark at 8 am in Puerto Madero I Subted (and walked) over to Belgrano for six hours of teaching in a row! After that I colectivoed over to Frisbee practice for my longest day in Buenos Aires yet. Friday I also worked all day and went to an orientation with ecolonias in between classes. I was out from 8 am till 5:45 and only arrived home that early because my student (my first private student that Mia found for me at DVF) went home sick.
For the first time in...a long time the weekend felt special, and sleeping in on Saturday was a treat and not just another day without much work. There was that feeling of a weekend being separate from the rest of the week. "Everybody's working for the weekend" was stuck in my head all of Thursday and Friday.

I know all my faithful readers are probably reading this at work and I know what you are sarcastically thinking: oh poor Julia, 19 hours of work!!!! Well think what you will but it was exhausting.
I also finished The Count of Monte Cristo!!!!!! It was one of the longest books I've ever read, but also one of the best. As I neared the end of all 1200 and something pages I never wanted it to end! I highly recommend it to everyone, especially as you guys in the Northern Hemisphere head to the playa (beach) this long but captivating read that is also incredible written (get the Penguin classics edition: excellent translation) will capture your imagination as it did mine. I actually would regret getting off the Subte or the bus as my seemingly shorter trip ended before I was ready to stop reading. I can't speak on this books behalf enough. READ IT.

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