Monday, June 22, 2009

My Not As Fluey Weekend

I'm feeling much better, but as I'm sure most of you have experienced, my awful sickness is lingering in the form of a cough/cold. Now I get this cough/cold every winter, and it generally torments me with feeling not great but not bad enough to stay in bed for at least two months at a time. Well this time I'm trying to fight it with lemon ginger tea. Erin and Camilla both recommended it and its delicious so that helps. You simmer water and ginger for ten minutes and then add the juice of one lemon. You can steep a black tea bag in that mixture if you want or just enjoy a caffeine free yet rejuvenating beverage. I made it today for the first time and I'm not going to stop!
The weekend was nice and pretty relaxing. Friday night I went to dinner at Erin's. We made this chicken in white wine with vegetable medley over rice madness. It felt and tasted French and was pretty tasty too. It was an early dinner by Argentine standards and I was home by midnight. I decided to watch The Changeling and to my astonishment it was 2:30 when the movie ended. Damn they make these movies so long now adays!!
Saturday I played too much Ulitmate for a sick girl but not as much as I wanted to. We lost, but tons of people showed up and the onda was buena so we are on our way towards something that should hopefully be good.
Saturday night Dan had his birthday party which was loud but not too bad. I went to bed around 3:45 and actually fell asleep after four when amazing Jeremy got everyone to leave and go to a club in Boca. I slept till 12:30 (oops!) and was late for brunch at Erin's with Camilla. We made Shakshuka, a yummy Israeli egg dish, that Erin and I have been wanting to make together since the first few weeks we met. The brunch was 8 months in the making and worth it. We also made French Toast (Erin has maple syrup!!!!!!!) and Camilla made fruit salad. Afterwards we walked to Palermo Viejo and shopped. My long and uninspired search for boots came to a surprising end at Sibyl Vane. They are beautiful. Thank you parents. They are also half the price they would have been at a department store in the States if I know anything about quality, which I might not.
I returned home to an early dinner of leftovers and some Frontline watching with Dan and Josh. We went to bed early and ended a chill weekend with early snoozing.

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Ann Behar said...

No picture of the boots? I'm SO glad you are feeling better, even if you are mucous-y