Saturday, May 2, 2009

Flogging: the new Blogging

So I've finally found out a little bit more about the latest social movement in Buenos Aires. They are the Floggers, and they are so cool. They intimidate me...but I'm kinda obsessed. So they have a website called, where they can communicate their world through pictures. If you haven't figured it our, Flogger comes from foto logger. They hang out everyday outside the Abasto Shopping Mall because its easily accessible by bus, and take photos like this one:

They are so cool! I can't even stand it. The most famous flogger is an a-sexual bi-curious female named Cumbio, and here is her fotolog page:
These floggers are so famous that they have been on news programs, and flogger has become a house hold name. All this info I am privileged to relay to you comes from our newly adopted Jewish family that we spend Shabbat with this past Friday (I've held off writing about Friday since Josh has already thought of a title for his post...but come Friday and its not'll have to hear about it from me). Anyway, I hope to do an expose on this group in the future, but for now this is all I got cause the Wikipedia page hasn't been translated to English yet. I'll get to translating that...sometime soon.

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