Monday, May 25, 2009

Non-Wintery Weekend

It was a beautiful weekend, and rather hot for the majority of it. After last night's rain it finally feels like a crisp fall day, but the weekend felt more like the end of May in the States than the beginning of winter in BA. Reminded me of a certain graduation that occurred over one year ago! So where to begin...oh, well we had ANOTHER three day weekend here in the country that loves to work.
Friday night we were all booked up with a duel birthday party with the Frisbee folk and then we jetted over to a boliche (club if you haven't caught onto the Spanglish yet) for our friend Martin's art show. He had about 7 pieces on display, and all were very surreal and provoked some good Spanish conversations. We stayed to dance for a little, and the Rihanna came on, and then Madonna, so we got sucked into staying longer than we expected. But really, could you just up and leave with those two pumping out the speakers? Maybe you have more will power than me. I just had to shake it and luckily Josh felt the same way. At 3:15 we decided to get out while we could and took the 10 home from Shopping Abasto. No floggers hanging out that late at night...sad...sad.
Saturday we slept late and then went to Frisbee. We actually arrived somewhat on time and threw for a few hours before enough people showed up to make four teams and we played pick up till dark. My team was called CARDIAC ATTACK! and we had this kick ass cheer where we would make a big heart beat and then end it with a flat lining sound. By the end of the day I felt like I was going to flat line, but I scored lots of points and played well. We hung out and had a beer, but we didn't eat any fries because we are on a new diet!!!! Its all about portion control and no fries after Frisbee. The idea began after another night going to bed with an extended belly and a sick feeling in my gut. I've successfully turned down food from my roomates, and so far so good.
Saturday night we stayed home for Uli's birthday party. It was a pot luck and about 15 people showed up with all different types of food and lots of booze. Then, the lights went down and the strobe light went up and a wild dance party began. Lucky for me I had Erin there and we hung out and also spoke to some of Uli's friends. When I let her out at 3 I went into our room to take five and the next thing I knew Josh was waking my up at 6 telling me to put trade my jeans for pj's on. Guess Frisbee tired me out a little more than I thought. Mala honda alert: Dan was out of town and when he came back yesterday he discovered he was missing 200 pesos. It had to have been taken during the party. The sadest part is that Uli and Santi knew everyone at the party. Maybe Mia was right: you really never can know anybody. Either way it put a damper on everything and again makes me want to keep our doors closed to all guests.
Sunday morning turned into Sunday afternoon as we slept late and and relaxed around the house until some friends came over for tea and then we headed over to the free concert in honer of the bicentennial at the obelisko. It was sooooo cool!!! Loyal readers will have read of Josh's mild obsession with 9 de Julio, the widest or second widest avenue in the world (its debatable). Well, the widest avenue in the world (for the sake of dramatics) was shut down for three or four blocks and a massive stage was built in front of the Obelisko. We got there early so we wouldn't be too far back and sat in the middle of 9 de Julio and drank maté. It was pretty tripy. The show started with Bomba del Tiempo, the drumming group that plays at the Konex Center and followed with lots of Argentine performers who sang Argentine patriotic songs, and a famous actor even dressed up as General San Martin and sang songs about the Liberator. It was amazing.
We left around 10 because Josh's back was hurting and my feet were tired, and we walked home along Avenida de Mayo to a supper of leftovers. Monday I had organized a picnic/soccer game for all who cared to come, but I wasn't as on top of invites as I should have been, so only 8 people showed. We still played a really fun game, and while the Columbian guys kicked my butt I was better than the other girls (still not great for having played my whole life, but I have been dedicated to Frisbee...). We of course were drawn to the nearest parilla like spagetti sauce to a freshly laundered white shirt, and Josh and I shared a Bondiola:
Imagine this with lots of toppings...yea... we shared it

Post parilla we hopped onto a bus and and I practically ran from the bus stop to get to my warmest sweater. Precipitation we had avoided, but a chill was setting in and I needed baby alpaca to protect. We used our new blender (thanks Kat!!) to make a yummy sauce and had a nice family dinner around Boludo and then I headed to bed early for my early morning class. Had class today at 8 and spent the day being domestic. I went to the market, conversed with my favorite traveling veggie guys (who told me that my boyfriend shouldn't let me come here alone and chided him for sleeping through our weekly Tuesday veggie run: I replied with my best feminist Spanish and said "Soy una mujer independiente!" Of course I said it wrong, but they got the point), made soup, banana bread (very ripe bananas: 2 kilos for 3 pesos = ridiculously cheap banana bread), and drank maté over some still warm banana bread (could I say banana bread one more time in this sentence?) with some of the Dulce de Calafate that Ted brought us back from Patagonia. We miss you Ted, and Santi even did his imitation of you so we could feel your presence. Now its time to get some of our soup ready for dinner and do some work for the record three classes I have tomorrow. Not sure how that happened.
Hope you are all enjoying your warm weather!!

Photos from my morning walk:

Josh and the puppy:

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