Monday, May 18, 2009

Now We Are a Real Family

Its official...we have a puppy!!!!!!! And not just any puppy, but the cutest puppy in the whole mundo. Her name is Manzita, and she is a 41 day old furball of love. You'll just have to see for yourself though:

She's totally winning Brian's affection

Santi hates sunshine and puppies...but really he's just concerned about the mess

One last family portrait...

Brian: "I'm cooking tomorrow, we're eating Korean food" Santi: Not if I eat Manzita tonight!"

Jessica bogarted the puppy all night seeing as it was her first and last day with her

She's so pretty!!! And she crosses her legs like a lady!

Josh is clearly smitten

Height: Less than half a coffee table leg


Ann Behar said...

You didn't explain how that little cutie pie came into your lives! She has a very expressive face! Congratulations, and take good care of her!!!

Julia said...

good point, our friend Analia, a friend of Uli's has a dog who had puppies, and two out of four survived. Manzi es una!

Ann Behar said...

Please have her spayed!