Monday, May 11, 2009


I've done it. I've officially quit a job for a reason other than the fact that I was leaving the geographic location of the job. For the first time I've quit a job because a better one came along! I have quit my job with Casoc, which was regrettable since they were the first institute to hire us here and I earned my first peso with them. After a misunderstanding with the schedule I was left with only two classes for the remainder of the year and since they pay me the least I decided I would have to quit Casoc in order to make room for other classes that could be switched to those times. I have my first official day of work for Colonias Idiomas International on Thursday and I am being paid $80 (pesos) for my full day's work. First bummer: I have to BE AT THE OFFICE at 7 am. Good news is its over at 3 and there will be time for a nap before Frisbee. Wish me luck!

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