Monday, May 18, 2009

Jessica's Despedida

First order of business, mom: here is my new haircut cut and styled by Ulises:

Next...Jessica's gone. Ella se fue, y estoy un poco triste. Not only because I am not the only girl left in our house, but because a member of our family has gone and who knows when we will see her again. Of course, I will also miss my friend and her crazy version of what she calls English We had a lovely ravioli dinner last night with only members of the house, and it was a fitting last night in BA. No clubs, boozing or dancing, just relaxed dinner with good Spanish conversations and a delicious sauce prepared by Dan, the newest member of our house. We all went to bed, and when I woke up she was gone. Very strange...
But before all of this we of course had a rager at our house. It was supposed to be a dress up party. We were supposed to dress as something Argentine or British, but Analia (a friend of Uli and now of us) and I were the only one's who took it seriously. She dressed as a styling gaucho, and I dressed as a previously posted about flogger.

Uli was...just Uli and that's really Argentine

Of course the party was an asado, and Josh was our head Asador. He looked very adorable and worked the coal mining look with his blackened hands and my bandana:
As the guests arrived the music pumped and Dan played DJ for most of the night unless Jess' boss was attempting to blast his 80's beats at top decibels at 5 o'clock in the mañana in between bouts of me yelling at him in crap Spanish:
We never use our bar as a now its a DJ booth and the home of our new fighter fish that we inherited from a friend of Jessica's named Fred. The fish is named Boludo. His amigo Che passed out of this world and into the next a while back.

The party was fun, even if I got stressed out and miserable at the end due to the noise and my inability to relax at my own party, and a large majority of the guest included Frisbee people that I hadn't hung out with in a while. Mike was sporting his new facial hair design. I can't get enough of it, and am in the process of convincing Josh to follow suit:
Other Frisbee friends from the left: Achmed (the guy that was a Cadillac but never shows anymore), Sabina (my favorite porteña who yells at me when I pretend to understand her but don't) and Santi.

The BYOM (bring your own meat) policy was a success (so much so that we found raw chicken in our kitchen yesterday that hadn't even made it to the grill) and the clean up was taken care of by a sleepless Dan and a mopping Analia in the morning. Everyone has been telling us they had a great time, so as usual our party was a success, and nothing was stolen! I even made it to Frisbee the next day, but that was the fault of my family who thinks its OK to call someone at 11 am when they know they had a party and probably didn't go to sleep until 6 am!!!! Love you guys...

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