Monday, May 11, 2009


Yesterday was the opening day for the fall Ultimate Season here in Buenos Aires, and what a day it was to play. We wore our back Jerseys thinking it would finally be cool enough to get away with running around in the sun in black...we were wrong. It was another hot day with minimal wind and perfect Ultimate conditions.
Two games were scheduled for the day: the first match was between Aqua, the newest team to join the league, and Discosur, the first team in Argentina. The other game was between the Cadilllacs (the 2nd team in Argentina) and Big Red (the 3rd team). I'll focus on my game because I was there.
The two teams were pretty equal in terms of skill level, although I could tell Big Red had been training hard and working on defense. For the majority of the game, points were scored back and forth at an equal pace. About ten minutes into the game who should arrive but Nick Stulk!!! The veteran Cadillac and awesome handler had arrived in Buenos Aires the day before for a week long visit and once again became an integral part of our team.
With Jessica's absense and near departure there are now only two girls on our team. This means both of us have to play for almost the entire game which means I have even more opportunities to do good things for my team. Not to brag, but I had an awesome put (an assist in Frisbee talk). I caught the disc on the line and threw a hammer right over Emiliano's head into Big Nick's (at Frisbee big Nick is simply called Big Boy and younger Nick is just Nick) waiting fist. Its a really difficult throw to aim, and one I'd never used before in a game, but I saw no other options and decided to go for it. It was awesome, and putting never felt so good.
With Nick's help we secured a two point lead and eventually won the game 15-13. It was a hard game and I was running for almost and hour and a half. I'm not sure if it was the muscle relaxing pill I took before the game, but my back felt fine and I felt great (except when I felt like I was having an asthma attack, which was all the time by the end). Our victory was sweetened by the fact that our opponents were really good and that our team has struggled lately to find new players who are dedicated enough to show up when needed. Those who showed up were the core of our team, and it was an exciting new beginning. Go Cadillacs!!!!

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