Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Casual Goings on in Casa Cochobamba

Things are always changing here. People come, people leave, we do fun things, we sit around and do nothing, we watch the sun set, we miss the sun set, and we don't sleep that much. Here's an update (con fotos, claro por las madres) on what's been happening here of late.

Jess and I have been trying to take advantage of all the outdoor free things that seemingly happen here all the time. This one was called Ciu Danza: a name that indicated dancing in the city. That sounded cool, so we checked the billboard outside our apartment and went to the last show. I only got photos of the first group before my camera died, but they were using the park and its structures to dance and it was awesome. Next there was beautiful Electro Tango, and then two really weird acts (the last of which we were pretty sure all the dancers were on drugs). My only complaint: very difficult to see a lot of the dancing.

Next order of business. Jessica finally got boots! No more flip flops for her and now we don't have to hear her complain about how cold her feet are, and I won't ever have to give her my socks again!
Why don't I own this dress?

Ted came back from his travels and left again, but not before one big dinner where we all drank a lot of cerveza. Here's a classic:
Yes we have a pan flute thanks to Alex!!

Magical things happen when Santi steals my camera...we miss you Ted, and you're not a loser!

I got my hair cut by Uli:

And our new roommate Brian is growing his. Lucky for him he has Uli to to the dying and styling:

Oh wait, that's a hair extension piece, and it looks better on Dan (soon to be other new roomie):

But really it looks best on its owner:

More free events! We went to the festival Buen Dia at the Planetarium. The sound quality was appalling, but the shops were great and the empanada I bought wasn't bad either.

Its a flying saucer...

No! Its the Planetarium at night with a weird Argentine band playing in front of it!

We are very skeptical

Everyone else continued the night at Pascha, one of the biggest and best night clubs in BA, except for Nick, Josh and I. So I wasn't even present for the above photo, but it was so epic I had to add it. I love my housemates. Don't leave Jessica! (not that you ever look at out blog :(

So that's all for now, more big news ahead when I go to my first retreat on Tuesday, but until then there are a few fun things happening. There is yet ANOTHER Federale, or holiday, tomorrow and no work. There were two last month, two this month, its no wonder the sound quality sucked at the festival. This city has no money because there are holiday's every other week. I mean, hey, you don't see me complaining...
Also, Josh and I are going to our first Shabbat dinner at an Argentine's house. I'm...super excited. For now though I will rest my back, and fight the urge to make a grilled cheese sandwich that I know no Lactaid pills will help. I think its a losing battle.

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Ann Behar said...

It's Nick, Josh and ME!!!! Not I!!!! Anyway, how is your back now? Also, no picture of the finished haircut?