Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hump Day

I started off my Wednesday with some cleaning and then I was ready to go for a light jog. This only reminded me of a very sad fact I have recently had to acknowledge. Josh and my ipods (mine is just a little shuffle) have been mysteriously disappeared from our living room. Somewhere along the line they were they, and then one day when we went to look for them they weren't. At first, seeing as my flatmates get the urges to clean and rip through the apartment like the Tazmanian Devil with soap and a broom, I assumed someone had put them somewhere. After asking around, it was clear that they were no where to be found, and no one had seen them.
The real thing that gets my goat is that it had to be an inside job. Anyone breaking into our house could make out with hundred's of dollars in electonics. Our computers are often left lieing around, camera's left out after a party, or cell phones forgotten before bed. No, this was clearly someone who had been let into our house, taken advantage of our hospitality and then slying slipped an mp3 player into their pocket while no one was watching. The other disconserting thing is that in the time from when Josh returened to when the ipods when missing we had no parties, and no large get togethers. Only small asados. There is only one direction the case can point in, and it makes me very sad to think it. Andrés, the previously denoted bringer of buena hona has, in my mind, been dubed the bringer of mal honda. He showed up at our house at all times of the day or night, with or with out an enterage of anywhere from 1 to 5 people. They come and they want to party. I often need to leave or want to go to bed. While I love Andres, and know he would never take anything from us, I don't know his friends. These people are the only unknowns to come to our house during the window of time when the ipods were taken, and so the blame is easy to place on them. I have no proof, but it makes sense, doesn't it?
Thinking about getting robbed in my own house and talking it over with my flatmates made me upset, and so I left the house to go for a quick jog. It felt good to get out into the beautiful day and give my abs a spanking they deserved. After that I had two good classes, and my second class actually spoke a lot of English which is very unusual for them. Even though they are paying to learn they are still reluctant to try, but my new game where I reward for English and take away points for Spanish totally works. No one likes when they gets points taken away.
On my walk home I realized I totally knew which direction to go in without looking at my GuiaT for the first time since I started teaching this class over a month ago. In my ellation I noticed a delivery man on roller blades. My life was loooking pretty good.

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