Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Good Day Sunshine

Rise up this mornin', smiled with the risin' sun, and headed to Puerto Madero for my Tuesday 8 am class. The sky was lit up with orange and pink. Man, it was somethin'. As I headed down towards the polluted Paseo Colon, I pulled my orange scarf. almost matching the sky perfectly, over my nose so as not to breath in such harmful fumes that early in the morning and enjoyed waking to the sun rise instead of going to bed with it. The port was beautiful, the water sparkling, and I almost forgot my terrible night's sleep and my luke warm shower that morning. I arrived twenty minutes early and settled down to wait with Saturday, by Ian McKewn. And wait I did. That boludo never showed. At 8:40 I packed myself up, and headed home somewhat pissed, but glad to have gotten out of work early with the whole morning ahead of me. I get paid in the end anyway!


Austin said...

Che Julia, during my five months in the city, I had a class that began at 7:45am in Puerto Madero, and some of my most tranquil memories were when the colectivo would drop me waaaay far away because it randomly decided to take a side route, and I would walk for 25 minutes along the quiet, nice streets and across the water. The amount of morning sunlight I got changed with the months, but all I'm trying to say is that you're right. It's definitely something.

erin said...

How strange, the same thing happened to me yesterday morning. Woke up insanely early to get to my 8 am class, only to realize that all 3 boludos in my class had ditched me. But you're right, the sunrise (and the promise that i'll be paid anyway) made it worth it.

Ann Behar said...

Can't they text you or something to let you know they aren't coming? That 's a really good book!