Thursday, April 30, 2009

The German Hospital

For about six months now I've been experiencing back pains on and off again. Almost always on the right side, and the pain has the tendency to shoot down my leg and even too my foot. Its gotten worse recently, and while Megan was here she gave me a curing massage. Prior to that though, I was almost unable to walk after we spend the night on the bus to Iguazu. Well, Meg's not here anymore, and Josh has been generous with the massages, but after another excruciating night of disturbed sleep and a painful morning I decided to take action. I did some research with my pal Nick and he recommended the German Hospita; if it was English speaking doctors I was looking for. And there began my first adventures into the land of health care in Argentina.
I'll keep it short and simple because it was short and simple. The most complicated part was finding the right wing with the directions being given in Spanish. I paid my 100 pesos (Mom and Dad I hope the insurance company can reimburse us for this!) and waited for not a very long time. I was seen by a male doctor whose English wasn't amazing but not to bad either, and after prodding me for about 2 minutes he told me I probably had a muscle constriction, or contraction, well, basically a muscle clump that was pulling on the nerves that end at my foot. BUT! (there is always a but) he wanted me to have an ex ray just to make sure.
So I followed his directions and found the x-ray room, paid 98 more pesos (finally a place modern enough to take credit cards came my way and I took full advantage), took a number, and waited another bit (its a good thing I always have a book on me here). Finally number 140 popped up on the board, and I went to a small room, was instructed to put on a very large white sheet with a hole for my head, and after a minute more I entered the room, told her I wasn't pregnant, dropped trow, and was ex rayed from the front and from the side.
After a quick buttoning of the pants I went back to the original room where I was seen and I was seen right away by the same doctor. For all of you who were holding you breath, you can stop. I'm fine. Just muscle clumping, or whatever. I was given a prescription for some pain killers with muscle relaxants, and instructions to heat my back as often as possible. As I write this post I am sitting in bed with a large water bottle full of hot water since I am too cheap to by an electric blanket, but really this works fine. Soon I hope to be in a muscle relaxed stupor as I bath in our newly cleaned tub. Only problem is if that tub is to me newly cleaned I'm going to have to be the one to do it. And if you are one of the few privileged readers to have seen our tub lately you would know that anyone who is going to scrub that will end up with back problems anyway, so might as well be me!

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