Sunday, March 15, 2009

Journey to the top of the...roof terrace in Jeremy's sweet new pad...

In contrast to the post I recently read on Alex's blog this post seems frivolous in nature, but more than that it shows the difference in quality of life available here versus the majority of cities on this continent. My life here is more glamorous than it ever was in the States, and possible more glamorous than it ever will be again. Anyway, you should all read Alex's blog as well for a different perspective on South America, but for now, back to the glamor that is my reality in Buenos Aires.
Jeremy, a recent character in our blog who first appeared in the Carnival blog, is a British man living in BA selling wellies, or as we call them rain boots. He also has the most fabulous new flat in Buenos Aires complete with a pool in the courtyard and a personal roof terrace. He threw himself a party last night for duel causes: new pad and birthday party. The theme was dress to impress/masks and in Casa Cochobamba we took this very seriously. I wore my yellow DVF wrap dress (the first occasion I've had to wear something fancy besides New Years and I wasn't going to waste it) and regrettably some fabulous high heals. Buying a mask just never happened for me, so at 9 pm Matt (Ted's lucky visiting friend) and I made some homemade masks that even had some glitter on them. We arrived around 9:30 just in time to move everything upstairs. By everything I mean the bartender's set up. Jeremy, net worker extraordinaire, had gotten the bartender at the famous Green Bamboo to bar tend for the first few hours of the party with a menu of four fancy drinks of his creation from the restaurant. The Kiwino (a kiwi mojito fusion made in cocktail Utopia) was my favorite. With his blender and cool mixing tools he whipped up over 200 drinks for the first three hours of the party. As Juan made Green Grass, Sea Breezes, and more concoctions, the most beautiful virgin parilla I have had the privilege to witness being fired up by a PorteƱo asador was put to good use. Hmm, I thought, there is one thing missing...what about music, and even this was taken care of when around 10 the DJ arrived equipment in hand. The music started pumping and it became clear that heals were a bad choice.
Like the champ I try to be I danced and shook my tusch anyway seeing as the night was the coldest one of the summer and one had to keep warm by dancing.
While we waited for the meat to slowly cook I met all kinds of new people. I met an older foundation, among other things, and told me about brunches he holds every few Sundays where artists come together, eat, talk and do artsy things. Wow, I thought and made him take down my number. Hopefully there is no confusion and he understands that all I want is to help him cook for artists and then hang out with them, but with luck he'll call me when the next one happens. I also met loads of British people, and for the first time there were very few people from the States at an international party. To my delight, people form England love New Jersey and only have positive reactions when I tell them where I am from. The first British guy I spoke to said "Oh, I love New Jersey!!!!" Why? I thought? Have you been there? His mate answered this question by saying just that. "But you've never been there!" The British guys responded that he had been to the Newark airport, but his real love for Jersey spouted from his intense obsession with The Sopranos. For the rest of the party he called me Meadow.
Also attending the party were copious amounts of French people, who were by far the most fashionable bunch I've seen in this country yet. Actually the whole crowd was the most fashionable I've seen in over five months and they easily could have been transplanted from the Upper East Side or Soho with the benefit of international travel of course.

Roommates...we never looked so good (me maybe because my face is covered)

More roommates (I swear I hung out with new people too): Santi and Ted

Myself, Ulises, and Santi

The party continued on into the night, and we even got an extra hour due to the fact that we have put the clocks back an hour. Now we are only an hour ahead of the East Coast again. Normally in the States we joyously use this extra hour to sleep, but here it meant an hour extra to party!! And party hard they did. Never before have I been at a party displaying so much extravagance and excess and it was an interesting adventure into a world I had never before been privy to. The masks made it that much more wonderful, if only I had be able to see through mine!!
Everyone left to go out or stayed at Jeremy's were they supposedly were still partying hard at 9 am, but I headed home with Ted and Matt to get some intensely needed R&R. Sunday was lazy and wonderful, and I beat Ulises at backgammon on top of the roof of Ted's bedroom where the sun still exists in the late afternoon. We had an asado at Nick's request with some friends of his that were visiting, and the Colombians we hang out with. Jeremy and his friend Jonny came as well and while there was an unfortunate divide between English and Spanish speakers it was still a very relaxing and tasty evening. And after two nights of meat in a row I am going to make a concentrated effort to stay away from meat for at lease half the week. We'll see how that goes!


alexgoestoperu said...

Thanks gurl. Wish I could have been there! Keep an eye out for my package.

Ann Behar said...

Sounds like an amazing and memorable evening. Was the bartender as good as the Israeli one at that place we happened upon in January as we wandered the streets searching for cocktails?

Julia said...

no, he wasn't quite as amazing, and his drinks were way to sugary which you would have hated, I so have to go back to that place!