Wednesday, March 11, 2009

News that's fit to print...

What a week I have had so far! It is in fact the busiest week I've had in the big beautiful city, and what a refreshing (if tiring) change form the usual. I was walking to the movies after I picked up our measly pay (February is a cruel month) when I received a call from one of my studios telling me she had a student for me that wanted two hours a day on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday for this week only. "Hell yea!" I thought with an imaginary fist punch as I took down the address. I continued to the movie, bought some credit so I could find out where Ted was, only to find out that he was waiting for me at home. Oops, I had unintentionally ditched him on our second date (the first being to Coto the night before) but I had already bought my ticket and headed into the part of the theater in the basement that really looks more like a screening room than a movie theater. Well, what do you want for $AR 10?
So you know how in the beginning of a movie there are the little weird clips of the producers companies? We all know the Focus Feature's well, as well as that one with the boy fishing from the moon...well when a movie goes international there are a lot of groups responsible for getting that movie to your theater, and I was the only person giggling in the theater as clip after clip of this kind showed. There must have been six or seven of them, and each time I got really excited thinking the movie would start, and then really let down as another company's signature clip started up. They really are overly dramatic.
The Wrestler left me sad, which is to be expected from a movie about a depressed, used, asshole who can't do the one thing he loves anymore. However it wasn't the ending scene that left me almost in tears. Surprisingly it was the lonely, snowy, somewhat depressing scenes of New Jersey's dilapidated areas that left me walking down Lavalle inhaling deeply (for once forgetting about the nasty bus fumes) to keep from crying. Even scenes in the Acme (which I've never even been to) left me feeling truly homesick for the first time since I've been here. Before I bragged about my steel sentimentalism that only broke for bagels, family, and pickles. I now must bite my over zealous tongue, for I, the girl who obnoxiously claims to not get home sick...was very home sick for the windy, narrow roads of New Jersey. You might wonder at this point, "Did you even like NJ that much to begin with? What's to love?" Well, I can't say when or how, but I somewhere along the line fell for the dilapidated diners, the flannel, the accent (which I can't help but notice now that I'm here, and I've been told its strong!) and the bare trees in winter. I longed to go to Tiger's Tale. It was bizarre.
The feeling slowly began to dissipate as I walked down Florida and stopped to listen to a group playing beautiful music who had a sign posted saying "Can you imagine life without music?" It reminded me why I am here, but didn't help to get the rocking 80's soundtrack from the movie out of my head and banish my longing to hear it in Jersey. I felt better as I continued to walk, and even stopped to listen to two other groups, but reminded myself that I actually had to go home and do work. As I neared my house and entered my neighborhood I passed by a restaurant. I suppose it must be a restaurant where the waiters sing, because the staff was hanging out in a circle singing the theme song to Hello Dolly at the top of their lungs, and with much Spanish. As I paused for a moment I smiled remembering Patrick and I breaking into song all over DC trying our damnedest to sound like Barbara after watching that epic film senior year. Some things will follow you anywhere, and apparently Barbara Streisand is one of them. More on the week tomorrow!

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