Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Me Encanta Empanadas

Dear Mom (and other curious folk),
You asked how we make our Empandas so professional looking? Well here is nothing else than an instructional video narrated by my house mate, friend, and colleague Jessica:

I hope you enjoy!!!
Love Julia

PS Miracles...I made a You Tube video...I feel very futuristic


Ann Behar said...

Thank, Jules! VERY helpful and instructive! I will employ this technique as soon as possible!

Shelley Rolf said...

i think i might need more information like a good filling recipe and a good pastry recipe...but i'd love to try it. zach said that your empanadas were very good. great video. xoxo

Mary Rolf said...

Empanadas look like Polish Pirogi's but are filled with farmer's pot cheese & chives or potatoes & green onion or any fruit filling. My daughter Becky makes them like her Gr.Gramma. I have never made them, but love to eat them!