Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hi-HO! Hi-ho, it's off to work I go!

Good news!! I got not one, but two new jobs!!! I started my first yesterday with LV Studios. I am teaching two nice women in their late twenties/early thirties in one of their apartments from 7:30-9:30 every week. That's 50 extra pesos a week, at a whopping 200 extra pesos a month. That's right, one of those hundreds will one day go towards the little leather bag I covet at the market...but until then it means making it the whole month on our own two feet and no more digging into the savings.
The lesson went really well, and I was excited to actually teach a real class using the valuable (I say valuable become it damn near empties your pockets) info from the extortionate TEFL course I took. I lesson planned, I created my own matching, fill in the blank and connecting the sentence worksheets, and explained how to play charades in Spanish. Yes! That's how much my Spanish has progressed. 4 months ago I couldn't explain simple children's games in Spanish, and now I'm explaining Charades! I was impressed with myself anyway, and I think they might had learned something too. They really liked acting out the verbs I gave them. We were kind of giggling. OK, we were laughing out loud. It was great. I left feeling more elated and hopeful about work and my financial worth than I have in a long time.
Then, after sending out many emails on Wednesday, I received two back asking me to come in for an interview. I went to my first today, and was kicking myself for being ten minutes late. Turns out the whole thing went swimmingly, and she offered my 5 classes on the spot. Now I only have to check in with Casoc to find out about my schedule with them and I might actually have a full week.
Silly me, when I got home I re-read my emails and realized I went to the wrong interview today and that I had switched the addresses. Oh well!! No one said anything and it obviously worked in my favor. Happy mistakes.
On the other hand I am sad about Josh leaving...but on the bright side I'll take suggestions for my T costume for Ted's bday. I had the brilliant idea to be Tectonic costume suggestions for how to pull this off would be welcomed. Or better ideas...and um...I need them by tomorrow. Thanks.

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