Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spirit dedos

A fly on the wall of my bedroom would have been very perplexed this weekend. She would have wondered why in Dios' name was I doing going to bed and waking up at such strange hours. Well, hopefully now she is looking over my shoulder for the explanation. After an enjoyable day of Frisbee on Saturday, Jess, Josh and I hopped on the 33 and headed back to San Telmo. After a dinner of left overs all three of us went to bed around midnight for some solid hours of sober sleep in preparation for our early wake up. After a hearty breakfast of eggs and toast we rode the sleepy subte to Retiro to catch the train to Tigre armed with PB&J sandwiches. Andrés met us in the nick of time, and seeing as there was no time for him to by a ticket he did the obvious and hopped the turnstiles. Achmed (our Egyptian teammate) found himself on our train as well, and our seatless group huddled on the floor of the train to Lalucia. When we emerged from the train the cool air refreshed us for our walk to Lincoln High School where the first International Frisbee tournament in Buenos Aires was being held. Several of our Frisbee players work at this amazing American private school where only the richest people can afford to send their children to a beautiful campus that overlooks the Rio Plate. How can I get a job there?
The fields are the most beautiful I've seen since high school, and the sun shone down on dozens of Frisbee fiends warming up in the morning light. It was a beautiful thing. We were greeted with smiles and kisses as we approached the already set up tables of prizes, food, and Frisbee stuff in yet another professionally planned tournament.
I was placed on a team with Josh, Andrew and Felipe and our team name was La Merced (all the teams were different brands of Maté) and we had a kick ass Cheer made by Filipe: Shake it a baby now! Shake it a baby, La Merced, La Merced!! We twisted, and shouted and kicked ass in our first game, and then lost all the rest. It was still fun though, and as always I learned a lot and tried to ignore how little I know about the game so as not to get toooooo frustrated. There were big boxes of fruit, sandwiches, frutigrans, and lots of water. The day was hot, and even with many applications of sun screen I got a nice little burn across my face. There were many cramped calves and tired faces, but all in all some amazing Ultimate was played and the spirit of the game was mostly very high. Spirit!!!!! While lately I've been dieing to play some good old soccer, but after the great day we had, as always, I fell a little more in love with Ultimate and the people we play with. We returned home at dark exhausted, red, and ready for bed but with just enough energy for pizza night!!!!!

I get my ass kicked by a breast feeding mom

getting my butt kicked again

Josh getting ready to throw a nice flick

Nick is a beast...
Jessica's team lost everything...


Reed said...

Julia, you played awesome on Sunday! Tons of great catches and crazy hustle. I can't say the same for myself, but I technically still had food poisoning and was afraid that in my weakened condition, I could've taken a nasty spill down the stairs. Either way, it was a great day!

Shelley Rolf said...

sounds like a very memorable day. we love to hear what you are up to. and the pictures are great. xoxo

Mary Rolf said...

What fun you guys are having!!! Oh to be young again!!! I love the pictures you post.