Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Whole New World

Last night we went to a party called Trash Mission in an abandoned ware house not too far from my house. The party was held by the magazine Wicked which Jessica works for. The space was very cool with an out door courtyard, a big empty room full of art pieces made of trash, a bar, and a big dance room with a DJ. It was quite the hip scene. We spent the whole night there, and eventually we were able to tear Jessica away from her duties at the door at the end of the night for a little dancing. Andres (our Colombian friend and the bearer of buena honda if you remember from an earlier post) had stopped by our house after class and never left, so he came back home with us. When we arrived home at dawn he brought me to what I think is his new favorite spot. If you climb on top of the roof of Ted's room you can cross over to the roof of another building and climb up this other thing for the most amazing view of the sky this city has to offer. We lay down on the concrete platform and watched the sky lighten slowly as the clouds were illuminated. The size of the sky was overwhelming in its beauty, and the Geogia O'keefe puffs of clouds turned a light shade of pink as the light grew and we watched a new day being born. Exhausted, we went to sleep until 2:30 with the metal shades down to shut out the new day and now the light is fading again as the sun finishes its journey to rest for the night.

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Austin said...

Congratulations on an amazing experience. What a rush.