Friday, February 27, 2009


No idea why these stencils are spray painted all over BsAs. Either someone just loves it, or they have weird reaching tentacles spreading the word. Either way, its perfectly applicable to our life right now...since we still aren't paying rent. In fact, technically we're squatters. We haven't even signed a lease. Everyone keeps talking about how chill this Reid guy who is the property manager is, but I'm starting to think he's downright lazy...or our of town. Either way...for the first time I can really jump around in my PJ's with a hair brush belting the lyrics of rent and mean it!!! Well, everything but the AIDS part...

In other news, Zach and Evelyn's trip was going really well until Evelyn got a little sick, but we are hoping for a speedy recovery. Before that though we made sure that she downed ludicrous amounts of meet, including the greasiest of the greasy sandwiches from the parilla trucks down by the ecological reserve. The reserve was beautiful as well and the necessary walk to at least make a dent in the calories we had just consumed was hot but peaceful.

In other news....there is no more for now except that tonight is Shabbat...Shabbat Shalom!!! and tomorrow to celebrate Shabbat in style we are going to Gualeguaychu for Carnival. Not much rest will be involved, but plenty of dancing!!!!
Also, they finally wrote a song about me:

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Reed said...

I took Chris to the same Choripan man, man! Goood stuff.