Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pictures of What We've Been Writing About

The stair case I fell down SOBER on our second day in the house that resulted on a one by four inch bruise on my left bum.

Jessica cooking!!!!

Alex and me and our empanadas!! Ulises really should be given the credit..

Chimba's handiwork, no words needed by...fea (dirty in Spanish)

Nick after his team won the Superbowl

Chimba loves me...sometimes

Tango music band in San Telmo
Yes they bring that piano with them every week

Josh and his love, Chimba


Ann Behar said...

I really need you to teach me how to seal empanadas in that fancy way! They look very authentic!

Mary Rolf said...

The empanadas look delicious!! Chimba looks very cute & lovable. Zach & Evelyn will have a great time with both of you.