Tuesday, February 24, 2009

This One's For You Shelley...

Quick update on the arrival of Zach and Evelyn (Josh's brother and his girlfriend). They arrived Sunday with no problems to speak of other than sleep deprivation and turned down our idea of Salsa classes which I selfishly had presumed they would have the energy for. It has been almost 5 months since I've flown to a different continent though...so forgive my memory. Jessica and I went anyway while Josh showed them San Telmo and our house. After working up an appetite and learning some new steps I came back to the house and after a few hands of Truco we headed to La Brigada for the most scrumptious dinner I've had the fortune of having in Buenos Aires. It was recommended to us by one of Jessica's friends and it lived up to its expectations. Of course I ate myself sick and somehow dairy sneaked into my dinner again and I spent the rest of the night doubled over on the couch watching the Oscars.
Today we hit up some of the good outdoor sights seeing as it was a beautiful day. We hit up Plaza de Mayo and took Avenida de Mayo all the way to the Congresso pausing for a coffee. We then walked to the Recoleta Cemetary which never ceases to be a favorite site of mine. After we headed back to San Telmo to do some dinner shopping and then to La Bomba. La bomba turned out to the a bust again and is in fact being shut down because it has become too big and is causing problems. There must have been 1,000 people milling around the streets, selling or eating empanadas or burritos from this guy who is a genius and making bank. People with tickets couldn't get in, so we had no hope. Zach and Evelyn made a getaway and headed back to San Telmo for the night, and Josh and I headed to our friends Mike and Kyla (who we had seen in line) for some poker and beer with Andrew and his visiting friend. All in all buena hondas. I won one hand!!! We took the convenient colectivo 24 to our street to our bustling house, had a bit of dinner, and now its time for bed.

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Shelley Rolf said...

a blog entry about zach and evelyn's arrival and a phone call from josh...all in one day. hooray :-) thank you and love to you all. xoxo