Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Chronic WHAT cles of Chimba

Lots to blog about, but I'll start with the good stuff. So Chimba and I have not been on the best of terms lately. Friday night I was administering some unwanted love, and afterwards Chimba attacked my leg, drawing blood. Afterwards we went out and came home to a nice smelly puddle in our bedroom. Being slightly inebriated and already mad about the cut on my leg I was a bit rough with him. We haven't talked since. Its been awkward. Today we woke up early to let Alex Behles in (who is staying here for a bit of her summer travels). Josh arose first and a few confused sounds reached my ears before I hear "you have to come look at this." My blurry vision first adjusted to focus to the sight of feathers similar to the ones in our couch. My thoughts had matched Josh's: Oh no, Chimba ripped up the couch. But no, its better. One step further and there lay the origin of the feathers. Chimba had killed his first bird. And not just any bird, but a big ass dirty street pigeon. And it was laying with its neck broken in the entry way. Clearly I could not handle this so I ran downstairs to let Alex in while Josh dealt with the broken bird. I thought waking up to dead cockroaches in New York was bad. This is way worse. Chimba and I have still not communicated or touched since Saturday morning, but Josh believes he did it to make us happy. I think he's just getting clever and more creative about how to ruin my life and make me miserable and a cat hater forever. Leaving the door to the balcony open all night to make the air fresher in the apartment was a bad choice. Just like milk.

In other news we had a nice week and played a lot of frisbee. We went to a summer camp for kids with the Discosours (one of our rival teams and click on the link for a picture of us with the kids) where we brought the disc to the wealthy children of Buenos Aires. In reality I think the counselers had more fun, but the kids loved it. Also, turns out they start the kids young here. They were all protesting the entire time when they didn't get to play, shouting "INJUSTICE" in Castellano at their counselors for playing before them and "Pedemos jugar!!!??" or "can we play?". This countries rich history of useless protesting lives on. They did not get to play and the people's pension plans are still nationalized.
Also we are moving on Wednesday to our new home. We will still be in San Telmo, but in a house ten minutes away. Our housemates consist of a British girl, our friend Ted, and two porteños. Yes, that's a lot of people for one shower, but its also like free Spanish lessons and free cooking lessons (one used to be a chef) and maybe free haircuts (that same guy is now a hair dresser). Either way its going to be great. We met them last night and in typical fashion they were two hours late because of course they were probably eating dinner at 10:30 or 11 when they were supposed to be here. How silly of us to pick that time. But they also brought a pot of sangria and three friends, so it turned into a kinda of pregame (except we were about to drop dead with exhaustion after a whole day of Frisbee so we called it a night at 2:30 when they left to go out). They are very cool, and so are their friends, and I think its going to be good.
Tonight we are going to free movie night in this park. Picnic and maté will be in order and I might bring a book since the movie is in Spanish. Until then, its another lazy Sunday in Buenos Aires.


Shelley Rolf said...
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Shelley Rolf said...

do your new housemates know about chimba or is andres coming to get him before you move? xoxo

Julia said...

they know, but we are going to keep him in our room until andres come back at the end of the month