Sunday, February 1, 2009


Techno music blasted from the speakers, a disco camel radiated laser lights, and smoke periodically filled the dance floor. The DJ was great, as I sucked down the strong finish of my Cuba Libre I started to really dance. It was about this time when Josh noticed something and whirled towards me to seek confirmation that he was not hallucinating. Among the disco balls (and camel), laser lights, and other club paraphernalia there were blue lights arranged in a vertical line set up in different corners of the room. You are dancing, thinking of nothing but maybe your next dance move and the next thing you know you see the flash of a blue camel out of the corner of your eye. You think, weird, and your eyes snap back to the spot to find nothing but a vertical line of blue lights. It happens again 5 minutes later on the opposite end of the room, and you realize that no, you aren't crazy, but that you are being subjected to subliminal marketing by Camel cigarettes. Very strange. Other than that it was a typical night out with a twist seeing as we were surrounded by British people (we went with our British friend Jess) and oh, of course, by the fact that we were actually out for the first time in weeks. We danced till 4 in the morning and took the bus home.
Today we have had the most laziest of Sundays made so much better by the discovery that they sell tortillas at our supermarket. Breakfast omelets were of course in order, and we had a feast to fill our empty bellies. After a whole day of Frisbee and a night of dancing we deserved it! Tonight we are hosting a Superbowl party complete with wings and pizza (we are making the pizza, Nick the wings). Unfortunately for me I don't think the commercials will be as good here.


Shelley Rolf said...

wings and super sundaes in gb. josh, you can find comfort in knowing that some traditions live on. the superbowl commercials will be online :-) i believe that the link is: xoxo

Mary Rolf said...

Our team won!!! We had a quiet day at home but instead of pizza (Papa is not fond of it....darn), we had Polish food. Golubki (stuffed cabbage rolls) Yummy! We did have a few beers during the game.....'Nite