Friday, February 20, 2009

Green With It

"Do you want to know a secret, can I whisper in your ear...oo-wha-oo?"
Ok, here it is, I have blog envy! Jill's blog Vegemite is for lovers is clever and awesome and if you are bored, curious about Australia, or...bored check it out.
Nothing but rain today, which made for a cool "photo shoot" this morning. One of the girls I met at my random venture into the world of casting for random commercials here asked me if I would pose for her. She's staring a photography business here and needed a few photos to hand out to models at fashion week (which is apparently next week) and asked if I would model for her. She tempted me with free pictures of myself...and I am totally vain enough to have accepted, so I did. Also she advised me that I should send some of the photos to modeling agencies because the competition here is very limited (for people from the States) and you can make a bunch of money. Why not? Can't hurt to try. Well, not physically, maybe my ego a little. So had a nice rainy rooftop photo shoot and now I plan on spending the rest of the day being deliriously lazy. Its actually almost nap time. My life here is so difficult...well, best get to it!

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