Sunday, February 15, 2009


Turn and face the strange, Ch-ch-ch...

oh sorry, got a bit carried away there. But really, lots of changes happening here: most importantly our new house!!!!! On Thursday we moved to a PH as they call it here (pronounced peh-hache). No, we did not move to a pent house, but it is the upper story of a house. We have four bedrooms, a big dinning area, a living room area, a very large kitchen with a table, a courtyard, and a MASSIVE roof terrace. Josh and I debated over the room on the roof, and the room we chose. Ted took the room upstairs instead. YeS!! We are living with Ted now, as well as two porteños, and our friend Jessica from Frisbee. We had an additional house member while Alex was visiting for nine days, and now that she's gone it feels like a member of the house is missing.
More about the house: to reach our front door you must first do battle. Once you cross the moat and take the drawbridge by storm you must insert your archaic looking key into the elusive key hole and wage mental as well as physical battle withe the door. Once all that is past you, you must traverse a long outdoor hallway with many other doors until you reach a marble staircase which I have already fallen down once. I now have the largest bruise in the world on my left butt cheek to prove this. While it was a brillinat array of purples, it has recently turned to green. At the top of these slippery steps you reach our wooden door and you have arrived!!
To the right are three bedrooms and a full length mirror that makes me look like I'm back in Italy, and to the left is the rest of the house. The hallway opens into a large room with an amazingly large table. This table is my dinner party host's dream come true!! Also we have a bar that I hope to stock one day, and the the room opens up to the left into our living room with three couches, a TV, and a coffee table. There is also one bathroom with a shower and one powder room. The next room is the kitchen which is large and amazingly dirty. Slowly we are changing this, but the people who lived here before us had obviously not cleaned in...I'm not sure how long. Outside the kitchen is a lovely courtyard containing a large tree, and stairs up to our roof terrace where Ted lives. Also up there is a BBQ and tons of space for awesome parties, one of which we've already had. There is exposed brick, pictures on the walls, and even a wooden gecko on one wall. Its a house with character, paint, and sweet tile floors. I love it!!! While Ted and Jess are leaving in a few months, Ulysses and Santiago (our porteños flat mates) are planning on staying for a while, and so are we!


Reed said...

Congrats on the move!

Two questions:
1) Does Ted have to then walk outside his room and down the outdoor stairs when he wants to take a shower?

2) Trajiste a Chimba?

Julia said...

1)you bet, one of the reasons for choosing a downstairs room, I suggested a pee bucket for night one took me up on that
2)Claro...Andres is coming back someday, but it doesn't feel like it.

Mary Rolf said...

Your new place sounds great. A good place to gather with your many friends...and a big table for entertaining! Have fun!