Monday, March 22, 2010

With Love from Rurrenabaque

We´ve survived the five day rafting trip to Rurrenabaque, a touristy town in the jungle and jump off point for different jungle or pampas activities. Or if you are crazy like us, an ending point to five wild days of getting to know the jungle way more than I ever wanted to.
The highlights:
seeing monkeys swiming from branches in the trees two times
eating bananas, papaya, oranges and avocados straight from the trees
swimming in the pools under two amazing waterfalls
seeing so many different kinds of butterflies, one for every possible pattern and color combo imaginable
getting to know our Bolivian guides and talking to Bolivians in general, finally!
amazing scenery which you will all see once we get the opportunity to upload the photos

of course it was uncomfortable, there were too many bugs, and way to many bug bites (Josh´s ankles, or should I say cankles, are swollen he got so many sand fly bites) and not enough water and I got sick and rescued by the Danish guy´s antibiotics...but these bad memories are already fading and the beauty of the jungle still amazes me.
We have to catch a flight back to La Paz so there is no more time to relay what happened, but when there is we will tell all!
Next: we head to Uyuni to see the salt flats!


Gabril said...

Can't wait for the photos all the whole story of your five days in the jungle!!!

Ann Behar said...

So good to read a new post from you! I too cannot wait for the photos.

群平 said...

enjoy your artical, thank you ........................................