Wednesday, March 10, 2010

keeping things straight and the seven lakes district

Dear Blog,
I would like to appoligize to you. You´ve been more negletted than usual, and when I do pay attention to you the result is unorganized, its driving me crazy...but I´m doing the best I can!
So in case you lost track of things,
we were in Patagonia:
Madryn, Calafte, El Chalten, El Bolson, Bariloche, Seven Lakes District, Mendoza for the morning, Satla, Purmamarca, the Salt Flats, some thermal baths near Jujuy, and now we are back in Salta.
Here are a few more photos from the seven lakes that I´ve been trying to get up for ages...

there are free range cows EVERYWHERE in this country, but some prefered the trees at our second campsite

the beach at the mapuche community

josh getting out of the water at sunset

with no grill we had to get creative, cooking rocks are the best!!! just souround with coals and place your chorizos directly on the rock! sit back and listen to the sizzle...

Josh on the beautiful trail we only hiked half of because it was so steep

more of the same trail

chorizos on the cooking rock, onions caramalizing in the pot

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