Monday, March 15, 2010

differnt things cont.

I realized I forgot a few other differneces!
The corn is short and fat here with huge white kernels.

In the bathroom at the bus terminal in Villazon I had to reach my hand into a giant plastic barrel and fish out a plastic jug from the water and pour the water into the toilet so it would "flush."

My mom has always told me that soup (the good brothy kind or a stew) is a dieters best friend. Santi always said that brothy soup was for poor people. Argentines only consider a stew like soup worhty of them. Here there is soup served at every meal! Today I got a fried trout for lunch and after I finished the waiter asked if I wanted my sopita. Sure, why not? Turns out sopita means just broth and its common to wash down your meal with it. I chose a lamb broth that was so strong and salty I could only drink about half of it!

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Gabril said...

"The waiter asked if I wanted my sopita. Sure, why not?" Jejejeje
Just catching up on your blog guys... It's saturday morning... Updating morning!... Hope you're still having fun in the jungle! Wanna see pics!!!