Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mendoza Morning

Things are starting to go out of order, but I´m taking what I can get from the internet.
After we left Bariloche we stopped in Mendoza for the morning after an 18 hour bus ride and before we got on one equally as long headed for Salta. Our friends Tom and Blair from BA moved to Mendoza recently and we met for breakfast in the center. That was the weekend of the wine festival and the town was decked out and ready to go. One funny custom we noticed was the beauty contest held every year in Capital de Mendoza. Each region of the provence sends a contestant and one lucky girl is chosen to be queen for the year. While enjoying our delicious breakfast we noticed these ladies walking around:

These four were part of a much larger group of former queens who were taking a stroll around the town together! All in capes of course! One was so old she could barely walk.

campaign posters of the girls in the running for queen like these were posted all over the city, some on billboards

We also got an interesting free show from some local actors hired by the city to promote cleanliness. They performed songs and skits demonsrtating how one should defeat a dirty street. It was quite comical:

Josh, Blair, Tom and I

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