Friday, March 12, 2010

Salty Salta

And so we end our time here in Salta after a few days of relaxing. Our time here was some what tainted by the fact that I lost our cards and getting money became the main theme of our time here, but we still had time to go to two museums, do some walking and hang out with Uli and Gus. The first musem we went to was in the Cabildo where the center of goverment was when the city was created and is the museum of the history of the North. It starts with artifacts and stories from the time of the original indiginous people before the time when the Inca conquered most of the north of Argentina and the people were nomadic up until the present day. It was pretty interesting. Then today, we went to the MAAM where the archiological artifacts are held. We saw two mummies, one magnificantly preserved by the cold and the altitude with its low pressure in the Andes. The site where this and other child sacrafices were found is the highest archiological sight in the world.
We walked around the center a good amound and enjoyed the colonial architecture of the city, saw Alice in Wonderland and enjoyed the variety of Northern food. The empanandas here have little bits of potatoe in them! and the tamales and humitas (mashed corn version of tamales) were awesome. Most of all though I loved the casuelas, locro, and other types of stews common in the North. I wish I could have tried more!
We´ve decided to skip seeing more of the North for the sake of getting to Bolivia, so I hope to one day return and do a more thourough job of it. But I am very excited to get to Bolivia! We´ll write from there.

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