Monday, March 15, 2010

La Paz photos...a few anyway

These photos are backwards, but we´ll take what we can get at this point¨.

today: Josh in a room full of wine making artifacts from the Fransican church

Josh on top of the Fransican church

inside the Fransican church - the altar is covered in gold

someone screaming the destination and price for the ceja

another photo snuck in from the cemetary: a women selling fresh cheese

food market lining the street: I snuck this one in when I was in the graveyard

notice: massive amounts of layering - I saw one of these women putting on a third sweater as the chill increased with the setting sun

the big squash is used for stew

Josh and the inside of two prickly pears

the vendor would not let me take a photo of her cart so we have to deal with Josh as the displayer!

really pretty cousin of the potato

papaya soda...too sweat for someone who doesn´t really like soda anyway - but worth the seven bolivianos for the table it came with in the bus terminal

welcome to Bolivia!!!

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Ann Behar said...

That church looks magificent. And the food pictures are gorgeous! I want to go there and try everything!